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01-06-2004 - New release!
This release comes with great changes. A new plugin-system makes it easy to
add new features to Gecko.
There are also LOTS of bugfixes and improvements in this one!
Please try it out! Download

04-02-2004 - New release available: 0.1.3 (download here)

13-12-2003 - New release available: 0.1.2
12-12-2003 - Prepare! Gecko will soon be released in a new fresh version!
02-12-2003 - New release. Version 0.1.1 (Bugrelease)
25-11-2003 - First release of Gecko is now avaliable. Please visit the download  

15-11-2003 - Gecko is put up online for the first time (wee!).

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